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Already present on the market of electronic games in the 70s and before in the playing cards, Nintendo imposes since 1983 criteria of evaluation quality and ergonomics which will be taken again by all the other consolers. This is for example to reserve each button of the joystick to certain actions, thus standardizing the use of all games. Ergonomic innovation remains the hallmark of Nintendo who launches the first portable console, the Gameboy in 1989, then its tactile version, the DS, in 2004, and finally the first console with joystick with motion detector, the Wii, in 2006.

The Competition

  • Sony’s competitive edge is based on its expertise in home electronics that allows it to offer a console that can serve as an audio CD player for the PlayStation 1 since 1994, a DVD player for the PS2 in 2000 and Blu-ray player for the PS3 in 2006. Sony was also the first to propose the backward compatibility of its consoles.
  • Microsoft established itself in 2001 with Xbox thanks to its financial strength and expertise in software development. Its competitive advantage lies in its flagship development language, C #, which is used by a majority of developers around the world and provides porting easy PC games to his console, and vice versa.
  • Before being validated, the game must be financed from the idea to the distribution: it is the role of the publisher that takes the main pecuniary risks. A completed game is not necessarily a guarantee of profits, and sometimes the marketing, the most expensive part of a development, or canceled if the dissemination costs are higher than the expected revenues.
  • Indeed, after several years of development, the game can be technically obsolete even before its release, or the genre may, in the meantime, be out of fashion. But the consoles also publish games, which they develop partly internally in their own studios. Nintendo is the world’s # 1 software publisher in software sales, and Sony is the ninth.

The Trends

The general trend of this sector is in the concentration, like the acquisition of Adios Interactive by Square Enid in April 2009. Even more significant is the merger of Activision and Blizzard into Vivendi Games in December 2007 , making the group the world’s leading publisher outside Japan (the second largest in the world), and offering USA a second largest publisher in the world. Now that the sites have come up, you will be having the best games from Run 3 unblocked also.

Indeed, the selling price of a video game is not a function of its cost of development but of the medium on which it is published. Thus, as in the cinema, this system benefits the big productions since, for the same price of purchase, a player profits from a game having mobilized a greater technical investment. Given the rising cost of production, the publishing model is still very much selling on physical media, consoles and online gaming offering more guarantees against piracy.

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